Wrightspeed, Inc.

4.4% of portfolio as of 12/31/17

Wrightspeed, Inc. provides electric drivetrains as retrofit kits to the medium-duty truck market. The company's electric-powered drive system provides customers with exceptional efficiency, low emissions, and full power and torque. It utilizes plug-in grid power, regenerative braking, and a turbine generator for highly efficient range extension. We believe the tremendous potential fuel savings to the trucking industry represents a significant revenue opportunity for Wrightspeed.

The Wrightspeed powertrain is best suited to trucks and buses that perform a large number of starts and stops in daily operation. The company has received an order for 17 garbage trucks from The Ratto Group, a Santa Rosa, California-based provider of refuse and recycling services. The first truck was delivered to Ratto in November 2016. In addition Mack Trucks announced in June 2016 that it is evaluating the Wrightspeed powertrain in its Mack LR model garbage truck.

Wrightspeed also has received a $30 million order from NZ Bus, New Zealand's largest urban bus operator. Wrightspeed will provide its Route 500 powertrain technology to NZ Bus to retrofit its existing fleet of buses and electric trolleys. Read more about this deal here.

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