How to Place a Trade


Buying and selling Fund shares

Purchasing Shares

Shares of SVVC are quoted on the OTCQB market and may be purchased by calling most brokers, such as Schwab, e*Trade, TD Ameritrade, etc. Share purchases may not be made directly through the Fund or Computershare.

Selling Shares

If you hold shares directly through the Fund, please call 1.800.331.1710. There is a transaction fee of $15, plus 12 cents per share, for sell orders. If you hold shares through a broker, please contact your broker to sell shares. Computershare can accept limit orders for the sale of shares for investors who hold shares directly with the Fund.

Limit Orders

Because the price of a closed-end fund fluctuates throughout the trading day, limit orders are often used when buying and selling closed-end funds on the secondary market. A limit order is one in which you place a limit on the amount you are willing to pay or receive for buying or selling a share.

If a closed-end fund's current share price is $30, for example, and you wish to sell your shares, you may place the sell order with a lower limit of $29 on your selling price. This means that your broker will only sell your shares if he can get $29 or more per share in the open market. If no buyer is willing to pay that price, the order will not be filled. Similarly, if you wish to purchase shares of a closed-end fund, you may wish to enter an upper limit. So, continuing with the current example, you might decide on a $32 upper limit on a purchase order, which means that if your broker can find the shares for $32 or less, he will fill the order; otherwise the order will not be filled.