Investment Process

Investment Process

Target trends and industries

We strive to make investments only in the fastest-growing areas within the technology and cleantech sectors, and our process begins by identifying specific target trends and industries that we believe are suitable for investment. Before making any particular investment, we subject the target company to rigorous due diligence, which often includes technology assessment, customer/partner interviews, market/competitive analysis, financial analysis, and background/reference checks. Our equity investments typically consist of preferred stock, common stock, warrants, or convertible debt, although short-term debt investments may be employed under certain circumstances. Our investment size is typically $1 million to $10 million each, although this range will vary in proportion to the size of our capital base. Outlined below are several of the key characteristics we seek in our portfolio companies.

Barriers to Entry

Patents and other defensible intellectual property rights.

Game-Changing Technology

Technologies that help to enable new markets and/or transform existing markets.

Established Financial Sponsors

Venture capital investors with a track record of enhancing value with portfolio companies.

Strong Competitive Position

Early leadership in new markets or positioned to take share from existing players.

Experienced Management Team

Key players with years of high-tech start-up experience.

Viable Exit Strategy

Well-defined path to an IPO or M&A transaction in the future

We believe our Silicon Valley location and the firsthand technology industry experience of our investment team members provide the Fund with a significant advantage in sourcing and analyzing investment opportunities.