Sunrun Exit


IPO - August 5, 2015

We made our initial pre-IPO investment in Sunrun in 2013. Sunrun went public in August 2015. The company offers "solar-as-a-service" to residential customers. Sunrun enables homeowners to benefit from the lower cost of solar electricity without the upfront expense of purchasing and installing the solar hardware. The 180-day lockup associated with the IPO has now expired and we continue to hold Sunrun common stock in the portfolio.

Exit History

  • Year Founded: 2007
  • SVVC initial investment: 2013
  • IPO date: 8/5/15
  • SVVC exit*: Q1 2017
  • Realized loss*: $691,312
  • Return on investment: -47.27%

*The Fund sold a portion of its Sunrun position in Q1 2017. The realized loss figure is as of 3/31/17.