Shareholder Meeting - 2017

Shareholder Meeting

Results of Annual Meeting Held September 26, 2017

On September 26, 2017, Firsthand Technology Value Fund, Inc., held its Annual Meeting of Shareholders to (1) elect two directors, and (2) ratify the selection of Tait Weller & Baker LLP as the independent registered public accountant. At the close of business on the record date, August 9, 2017, an aggregate of 7,430,697 shares of common stock were issued and outstanding.

Proposal 1. The election of Directors:

Nominee For Withheld Broker Non-Vote
Kevin Landis 5,042,691 1,514,598 0
Kimun Lee 4,278,836 2,278,453 0

Pursuant to the foregoing votes, nominees listed above were elected to serve on the Company's Board of Directors. A broker non-vote occurs when a broker holding shares for a beneficial owner does not vote on a particular proposal because the broker does not have discretionary voting power for that particular item and has not received instructions from the beneficial owner or other persons entitled to vote.

Proposal 2. The ratification of the selection of Tait Weller & Baker as the Company's independent registered accounting firm for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2017:

  For Against Abstain
Tait Weller & Baker LLP 5,971,931 378,655 206,698

Proposal 3 in the proxy materials was withdrawn by the submitting shareholder prior to the meeting, and therefore not presented for consideration at the shareholder meeting and not voted upon.