Revasum, Inc.

Revasum, Inc.

16.7% of portfolio as of 9/30/18

Revasum provides CMP and grinding technology to the semiconductor industry. Its CMP equipment is used in oxide, tungsten, polysilicon, and other thin-film applications. Revasum grinders are used for a broad range of materials, including silicon carbide and gallium arsenide.

The company's CEO, Jerry Cutini, is a semiconductor industry veteran. He co-founded OnTrak Systems, a CMP equipment company, and took it public in 1995. The company was subsequently purchased by Lam Research for $400 million. After serving at Lam as president of the OnTrak division, Mr. Cutini joined Gasonics International and went on to lead that company's acquisition by Novellus. 

Latest News

In late August 2018, Revasum announced it had completed a pre-IPO funding round, and is exploring an initial public offering in Australia.

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