Hera Systems, Inc.

1.y% of portfolio as of 6/30/18

Hera Systems is a San Jose, California startup company developing a constellation of micro satellites in Low Earth Orbit with imaging and communications capabilities. The company's imaging satellites are designed to provide high-resolution geospatial imaging and analytics, as well as a number of other remote sensors.

In December 2015, Hera announced it had signed a licensing agreement with NASA Ames Research Center that will allow Hera to leverage NASA's technology to further develop its satellite design. Hera currently is in the process of completing initial field and lab testing of key proprietary subsystems prior to planned high-altitude airborne testing in late 2018. This will be followed by initial launches beginning in 2019. The company's intent is to develop a constellation of 50 satellites in order to provide very high image refresh rates—multiple times per hour—over specific regions of interest.

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